Our homestead is perfectly suitable to hold events, conferences, seminars, meetings and training of staff (up to 20 guests).

We invite you to know Merkinė stations, located in the neighborhood, visit the pottery studio, enjoy the pine air, Chirping birds and enjoy the outdoor wood-carvers work, you learn the secrets of the craft and likes to drink green meadows collected, of medicinal herbal teas.
Upon arrival, guests have the opportunity to have a look at the edge of their customs, traditions, crafts and, optionally, to learn:

1) molded beeswax candles
2) felted wool,
3) the traditional way of printing Dzūkija Easter eggs,
4) to make a pussy willow or dried flowers,
5) STRAW toys, garden or Christmas tree ornament.

Contact: Qualified Dzūkija National Park and Nature Reserve Čepkeliai Guide, ethnic thing a teacher, folk crafts and certified master Laima Saviščevienė  tel.8 616 52606, Maksimonys  village, subdistrict Merkinė, Varėna



Timbered bath

Rustic timbered bath of Šilas” –it’s a true refreshment for Your body and soul. There are spacious room and terrace, WC and shower in the bath, also tubs of icy water – perfect refreshment after hot bath.


We could provide You bikes and cycling routes maps, while You could cycle round the circuits of the Dzukija National Park and ancient villages of Dzukija region.

Mushroom picking

Dzukijos homestead surrounded by forests of Dzukija National Park full of mushrooms, perfectly suitable for mushroom picking – we’ll provide You the information on the most mushrooms places and tell You about growing mushrooms. Each autumn muschroom hunters from all over Lithuania invade the forests of the park.


Next to our homestead flow Merkys , close to them – the biggest river of Lithuania Nemunas, also – wealth of lakes perfectly suitable for fishing. The lakes of Giluišio, Balažerio, Netiesio, Netiesėlio, Dumblinio, Pakampio, Ešerinio, Bedugnio, is if strung on a light-blue vein of the Kempe rivulet, appeared in the period of early floods of the Nemunas. The narrow and deep lakes of Galvinio and Bedugnio with steep slopes, or Lizdu lake, the largest in the park, which lies among the hills.



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